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Folding Magic LLC has been in business since 2007. We wanted to teach people the art of towel origami and after being totally confused by the books on the subject, we knew that video tutorials were the only way to go. We went into the television studio and on location at a hotel to film the lessons. We had them professionally filmed and digitally mastered. After everything was perfect, we had them mass produced by a professional DVD company. Our DVDs have sold all over the world from Germany to Japan, Austria to Hong Kong, just to name a few. Our clients include top hotels, spas, bed and breakfasts, housekeeping services, home staging professionals, grandparents wanting to make their grandchildren smile, moms and dads and just about anyone that is into crafts or origami. After selling out of the DVDs twice and coming up on a third time, we put the tutorials online for instant viewing. After the last DVDs sell out, we might only offer the online viewing option. We aren’t 100% sure about that yet. The whole idea behind towel origami is to make people smile and make them understand that someone took a little extra time to make their day extra special. Since you are here and interested in towel origami, we know that you are one of those caring type of people, too. We love that! Read the article below about Folding Magic’s owner and host of our DVDs, John Pullum.

Throwing In The Towel Can Be A Good Thing! Cruise Ship Towel Folding - John Pullum and family pose with a couple of his towel origami creations.

John Pullum is ready to throw in the towel on his new business venture, but that’s a good thing! You might recognize John as the host of the Discovery Channel’s series "More Than Human" as well as numerous other TV and film endeavors. Besides his career in television and film, he is also a popular corporate speaker and entertainer. John released a DVD (now available on an online subscription membership) series on Cruise Ship Towel Folding ( Towel Origami ). What’s towel origami? Think of it as a sort of paper origami, but with towels instead of paper. For those readers that have traveled on cruise ships, you’ve probably had cute towel animal creations on your bed. These towel creations add a little fun or romance to a room. The towel creations aren’t to keep as art, but used as towels for your guests. Think of them like a fancy folded napkin at a restaurant. You know they took the extra time to fold them into a fancy shape, but you unfold them to use them. It’s an added creative way of showing your guests and family that you care.


"After seeing towel creations on a cruise many years before I had children, I thought they were great." said John "Now that I’m married with children, I thought my kids would get a kick out of them. I found out there weren’t any good towel origami directions out there, so I had to figure them out on my own." John’s family loved his towel origami creations so much, he thought it would be a good idea to produce some DVDs on the subject to teach others how to fold them. From some basic towel origami creations to advanced creations, John covers it all on these video tutorials. From a cruise ship favorite elephant to towel origami animals cruise ship towel folding skunka never before seen skunk towel creation, there is something on these DVDs that both young and old will enjoy. "When I travel performing or speaking at corporate events, I stay at a lot of hotels around the world. The hotel staff must think I’m a nut because I usually leave my hotel room with their towels folded into various animals o the bed." explains John. John hopes to also sell his DVDs on cruise ships and to the hotel industry. "The towel origami creations make the guest’s stay more memorable and in turn leaves them talking about the hotel to their friends and family. It’s basically free promotion for the hotel."  

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