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Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM (ET)

Hours may vary.


Phone: 1-313-538-3626


If we aren’t in our office, please leave a message. We are either on the other line or taking towel animals out for a walk. 

 Contact us for larger wholesale orders (A dozen or more DVDs).

Click here to email us! 


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12 thoughts on “Contact Us

    • I’m sorry about that. I just tried and it seems to be working now. I put your name and email into the newsletter database. Be sure to opt-in to confirm your subscription. Thanks for your purchase. 🙂

  1. Oi John,eu adoooro, este tipo de trabalho e adoraria saber como e quanto sai o ensino destas dobraduras não entendo nada em ingles por isto mande a resposta em portugues,muito obrigado por iluminar meu caminho ,pois tenho um maridão que sofre de Parkinson e eu não posso trabalhar fora ,mas isto da pra fazer em casa OBRIGADO .

    • Os vídeos são fáceis de seguir, mesmo se você não sabe Inglês. Assista ao vídeo cachorro na seção de vídeo grátis para ver se você pode seguir adiante.

    • The videos are all able to play on iPads, which won’t allow Flash movies. Download the latest version of Flash, if your computer is telling you that you need it. It should do the trick. Which page are you trying to view?

    • Hello Patrice,

      No, we don’t sell books on towel origami. Many people (including us) found the books on the subject more confusing than helpful. There are techniques that are easier to show visually than try to explain in text and drawings. My online videos have a 60 day money back guarantee. If you sign up and find it’s not easier than reading a book on the subject, feel free to ask for a refund. I know you’ll love them.

      Thanks for writing.


    • I do teach one on my online towel origami tutorials. 🙂 It’s pretty easy to make and I agree, it’s perfect for a nice summer day.

  2. I purchased your DVD set and was supposed to receive your newsletter and special gift however I have not received any newsletter yet nor have I received anything except the DVD’s. Please inform me as to what I need to do to receive these things from you.

    Thank you

    • Hi Jack, Thanks for letting me know. Please check your email. I manually set up your account and sent you your username and password. I’m not sure why it didn’t automatically send you the link, but will check into it. Thanks again for your order and I’m sorry for the inconvenience. – John