Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pin, glue or sew my towels to make these towel origami creations?

No, you don’t need to pin, glue or sew any of our towel origami creations. We teach you how to twist and fold your towels into these unique creations. Use your own bath and hand towels.

Are the same videos that are on the DVDs on the online viewing membership option?

Yes! We converted the videos off of our DVD into an online viewing format that will stream over your internet connection. We also filmed additional video tutorials for our online members that aren’t on our DVDs. 

What tutorials are offered on the 2 DVDs and online tutorials?

1: Elegant Swimming Swan. 2: Cute Jumbo Elephant. 3: Performing Seal Balancing A Ball. 4: Silly Snail. 5: Elegant Folded Shirt. 6: Hilarious Chicken. 7: Super Stingray. 8: Deluxe Sweetheart Swans That Form A Heart. 9: Terrific Turtle. 10: Romantic Heart Filled Basket. 11: Cuddly Puppy. 12: Sweet Skunk 13: Wedding / Birthday Cake. 14: Peacock. Bonus segments include: 1: Wedding proposal idea using the Heart Filled Basket. 2: See a towel origami elephant folded at normal speed. 3: See a towel origami swan folded at normal speed. 4: Towel folding hygiene. 5: Introduction to towel folding volume one. 6: Introduction to towel folding volume two. 7: Redesign a room with towel creations. 8: Towel folding additional thoughts. Towel folding display options. 9: Types of towels to use. 10: Accessory tips. 11: Towel sizes. On our online membership video tutorials we include all the videos from our DVDs and you’ll also learn how to make the following creations that are not on our DVDs: 1: Hanging Monkey (our most requested tutorial). 2: Rabbit. 3: Baby Bunny. 4:Heart. 5: Butterfly. 6: Something we like the call “The Thing”.

Between the towel origami creation tutorials and the other video towel origami tip segments, there are over 30 videos on the online membership!

I work as a housekeeper at a hotel. How long would it take me to make a towel folding creation?

cruise ship towel folding towel origami animals elephantYou can make a simple one like a folded shirt in less than a minute and the elephant in around 1 – 2 minutes or less. The more advanced ones like the puppy, skunk and snail could take a couple extra minutes to make. The towel cake would take too long for most hotel housekeeping staff to do in each room. Every towel creation on our DVDs and on our online viewing subscription, except the skunk, can be created with white towels. We show examples using colored towels in the gallery section of this website. Many housekeepers find that their tips increase when they make the guests feel extra special by leaving a towel folding creation on their bathroom counter or bed.


Can my child make the towel creations on these DVDs or are they difficult?

Many children, as young as 5 or 6, seem to get the hang of many of the towel creations. There are some advanced towel folding creations on these DVDs and on our online viewing subscription, that require a little more skill that a young child might not be able to do. They have a lot of fun trying to make them. Let them use their imaginations!

Do you ship to other countries?

Not at the moment. Our shopping cart company requires us to have tracking for all overseas packages. This made shipping overseas very expensive.  For overseas orders, our online viewing subscription might be perfect for you. No need to pay S&H for our online viewing option.

I don’t have a credit card. Will you give me your bank account information so I can wire money to you?

No, sorry. We don’t use Western Union either. This is to help prevent any internet fraud. Once payment clears 100% we will ship your items. Gift VISA cards sometimes work with out credit card processing center, too. Why not let a friend with a credit card order it for you and give them the cash for it. That’s a great idea!

Are your DVDs homemade or professionally produced?

towel origami cruise ship towel folding heart

They are professionally produced. We filmed the DVDs at a TV studio as well as on location at a hotel. We put a lot of time and money into producing these DVDs and getting them to the professional quality you deserve. For upcoming bonus videos on our online membership subscription option, we will be filming them at home and not at a studio. We will still do our best to getting high quality videos for you.  🙂 These new bonus creations are only available to our online membership members. 

Will your DVDs play in other countries?

They are world-wide encoded and should play in other countries. We’ve shipped to the UK, Germany, Japan, China, India, Hong Kong, etc. without any returns. Currently our online shopping cart service will not let us ship overseas. If you can view the video below, the online subscription will work for you. 

Do you sell books on towel origami too? No, we don’t. We think that towel folding is a visual art and difficult to follow in written text. Our video lessons are easy to follow and will have you folding incredible towel origami creations in no time. We get a lot of orders in from people that ordered books on towel origami that said they were too confusing. Our video demonstrations walk you through the towel folding process easily. You can follow along with your own towels as you watch John fold the towels on the video. It’s so much fun!

Do you have wholesale pricing for larger orders? I’d like to sell your DVDs in my store. Yes we do have wholesale prices for orders over one dozen DVDs. Please contact us for more information.

When I sign up for the online video membership, do I have to be on my computer to view them? You can view them on any computer as long as you have an internet connection. The videos are not downloadable. Don’t share your username and password with anyone. We’d hate for them to shut your account down. 

Does John Pullum still book himself at a speaker and corporate entertainer? Yes, John makes most of his living from his speaking engagements and his corporate entertainment. He also hosts television shows when he can. For more information on John Pullum Click HERE. Besides his motivational speaking and corporate entertainment, he also offers family / spouse breakout sessions with his towel folding lessons. 

Do some people really read the entire list of F.A.Q.s? You just did! So, I guess the answer is YES!  

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  1. I go over all of this in detail on my DVDs. The “cheapest ones” are usually too thin. I suggest towels that aren’t too thick or too thin. I got the ones I use on my DVDs at Target. It was their Home brand. Looking at the towels on Amazon, a lot look like they will work: . I have yet to go to a store that hasn’t had towels that will work. Some hotel towels are too fluffy to make detailed towel origami, but more hotels have towels that will work just fine.

    I hope this helps.


  2. Hi John,
    I’ve gotten my dvds. Thnx much. However how do I sign up for your news letter.All the best to you and your family for 2013