Towel Origami Towel Animals Creative Towel Folding

towel origami towel animal

Towel Origami Towel Animals Creative Towel Folding

We are finally getting around to making a blog for our website. We’ve been selling our DVDs on Cruise Ship Towel Folding since 2007. Within the last year we’ve put an online viewing membership on our website. Now you don’t have to wait for towel origami DVDs in the mail. We still sell our DVDs, but most people are buying our online subscription. The towel origami elephant above was made with 1 hand towel and 1 bath towel. It’s available on our towel origami / towel folding DVDs and on our online video tutorials.

Creative towel folding has been a popular craft for people in the home staging business, housekeepers and people that want to impress their guests. Towel origami is not just for cruise ships anymore. Today’s society wants to feel like they are appreciated. They want to know that people took a little extra time to make their stay at a resort, hotel or bed and breakfast extra special. Towel origami is something that seems to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Cute towel animals folded out of hand towels and bath towels can make a memory that your guests will remember for years to come. They’ll tell their friends about your business and give you free word of mouth marketing.

Please email us your towel folding photos ( info (at-mark) We’ll include your story in an upcoming newsletter. We look forward to seeing your towel animal / towel origami photos and hearing your stories.

Take care.